CoilX RPM Input adapter with Pigtail

CoilX RPM Input adapter with Pigtail

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Getting a clean RPM signal on an engine is a tricky problem. The signal from the ignition coil is noisy, with multiple signal spikes reaching 400-500 volts. Directly tapping into this signal can cause erratic RPM readings at best, and at worse, damage electronic components.

CoilX is a sensor module that converts the RPM signal from the ignition coil trigger wire into a clean 5v logic-level square wave that can be safely handled by the RaceCapture/Pro Timer / RPM input or other electronic devices.

The module features an optically isolated circuit with additional filtering, to help prevent false triggers.

The 1" x 0.5" compact board is designed to be assembled with heat shrink and bundled in-line with your wiring harness.

Wiring Information

  • 2 pin connector
    • Red: Coil Signal
    • Black: Ground (External)
  • 3 pin connector
    • Yellow: 5v power
    • Black: Output
    • Red: Ground (data system)