Megajolt/E MK2

Megajolt/E MK2

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Upgrade to Precision, High-Energy and Tunable Crank-Fired Ignition

The Megajolt/E is designed to work with the commonly available Ford EDIS 4,6 or 8 cylinder ignition module. Combined with inexpensive and easy to obtain OEM coil pack(s), trigger wheel and crank sensor, you can realize your engine’s potential at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Available in TPS or MAP Load-Based (pick version)

Improvements in the new Megajolt/E MK2

The new Megajolt/E MK2 has been evolved to add the features you’ve asked for, while making the system more robust and compact:

  • Hard Rev Limiter included!
  • USB interface for ease of use: No drivers needed for Windows 10; easy to install drivers for previous versions of Windows.
  • Status LEDs for RPM and Ignition Advance signals to aid in diagnostics
  • Improved and ruggedized power supply and enhanced transient protection on inputs
  • More compact: Just 85 x 85mm
  • 100% compatible with previous generation Megajolt/E and Megajolt Lite Jr V4 – drops right in!