Data remembers when you don't!

I never cease to be amazed at the lessons I learn from my autocross data. And how others have as well. 

Earlier this year, I sold a RaceCapture Track Mk2 to Jeff, an autocrosser in Florida. I sell most of my Autosport Labs products to autocrosser's, who use them with SoloStorm, like he intended to. 

I promised to touch base with Jeff at the Dixie Champ Tour in case he needed help setting it up or had any questions. 

At the event, we configured the logger to work with his OBDII port and SoloStorm, set up a template with throttle, RPM, brake pressure, as the high-performance GPS and Accelerometer data. 

After Saturday runs, Jeff asked if I had time to go over his data and show him how to interpret it. He was certain he'd had gone too deep in the 180-degree sweeper at the far end of the course and that was where he lost the second to his faster run. 

I said, "Bring your tablet to dinner; there will be some good stuff there, I'm sure." And there was. 

Going over the data, we were surprised that the slower run was only .050 seconds slower in that element. And he did go deeper, which is normally a loss of time. In this case, the trade-off was almost even as he got a faster run into the next section.  The real delta came in several other elements. 

Like forensic evidence that detectives prefer to eyewitnesses, data remembers.  



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