BMW E46 Integration cable
BMW E46 Integration cable

BMW E46 Integration cable

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Get telemetry data for your BMW E46

Add this E46 install kit to your RaceCapture/Pro telemetry system for a simple 4 wire connection to your ECU’s CAN bus and power.  Great for Spec E46!

Works with all 2000 – 2007 BMWs based on the E46 chassis, including M3, Z3 and M Coupe

Far better than OBD-II

High speed data streams over CAN bus from the ECU and other sensors, without the lag seen with OBD-II. Check out the video below! With a 2 wire data connection you get up to 15 channels of data on top of the built in sensors included with RaceCapture/Pro:


  • Steering Angle
  • Throttle Position
  • RPM
  • Engine Temperature
  • Oil Temperature
  • Brake Switch
  • Brake Pressure (Model dependent based on supporting electronics)
  • Clutch Switch
  • 4 individual wheel speeds
  • Fuel Level
  • Gearbox Temperature (Model dependent)
  • External Temperature

Installation is straightforward and will get you up and running with real-time telemetry data in under an hour! We even have a starter RaceCapture/Pro configuration that makes this as close to plug and play as we can get.

What you get: